Life Span Of A Roof

Life Span Of A Roof

We will be discussing roof replacement cost per square in this report. Roofs that have been installed well and are cared for properly will last long, but most have problems and need repairs several times during their lifetime. Shingles curl, break, warp or crack due to various reasons. It might be the weather or simply the age factor. Once, this happens it needs replacement as soon as possible.

The reason why they need immediate repairs is that the curled or warped shingle can take several rows of shingles within in case heavy wind or thunderstorm conditions. A broken shingle or cracked one can lead to leaks and water seepage. This, in turn, leads to major problems for the homeowner. So, periodic inspections and timely intervention are a must for long and trouble-free life.

The Reasons Why They Fail

Roofing shingles come with 25, 30, 40 or 50-year guarantees. Some last their lifetimes, others fail before their time. The reasons can be faulty installation, bad maintenance, careless walking or abuse of roof, harsh weather and so on. Most roofs suffer the ravages of time due to continuous exposure to sun, wind, rain and ice and eventually suffer a breakdown. That is the normal course of its life. Once, it is damaged beyond repair it needs replacement.


Factors Affecting Roof Replacement Cost Per Square

Roof replacement cost per square depend on how big your roof is. A large roof means higher cost. Weather is another strong factor in deciding the type of shingles, harsh and severe weather conditions require tougher and stronger roofs. These are in turn more expensive. If you single or double story home the roofing cost will be lower to steep or very high roof which is more dangerous and difficult to work on.

Another important factor that will influence the cost of roof replacement per square is the labor cost. Some regions the labor rates are high, so your installation costs are also higher. The complexity of roof, the difficulty of job also rate higher amounts. Some roofing materials are more expensive than others.

Asphalt Roof Vs Copper Roof

For example, asphalt is the cheapest roofing material while slate and ceramic tiles are very expensive. So are copper roofs. The cost of installation for these materials is also higher. But, in return the roofs last very long time. An asphalt roof will fail in a decade or less, while copper roof can last 100 years or more.

So, you will be replacing several roofs when it comes to asphalt while, copper will be the only roof for that particular home. So, dividing the life of the roof by the cost will give you a better comparison of costs trying to compare the cost of asphalt roof vs. cost of slate or copper shingles.

Extra Cost For Accessories

You pay extra for buying accessories for your roof. Some are essential like ice dam shields, air vents, gutters and some are decorative. For better quality shingles, for certain colors, designs and texture you pay extra. So, all these costs need to factor into your roof replacement cost per square.

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