Different Types of Storage Shelving That You Can Have

When a person thinks of storage shelving, he is more than likely to think about a type of wood that has come to be used as the most popular among the consumers these days. This type of wood that is used for storage shelving is mostly a product that is manufactured from cedar wood. Cedar is commonly known for the fact that it is resistant to weather conditions and is considered one of the best types of woods that is used in making wood products. The other reason why many people are using this wood for their storage shelves is because of its durability and strength.

Types of Shelving Systems – Which One is Right for You?

A storage shelf is simply a horizontal flat wooden plane that is usually used in a house, store, office, or some other place to hold items that are stored, displayed, or being sold. It’s usually elevated off the floor and is usually supported by strong brackets on its short length sides. It can also be supported by pillars or columns. It comes in two different kinds of materials. One kind is known as solid wood, which is the type that is made from hardwood such as oak or mahogany.

Aside from this kind of storage shelving, there is another kind called floating wooden shelves. It is made from different types of wood materials such as teak, wicker, and other kinds of materials that are known to be very beautiful to look at. However, they are very susceptible to moisture.

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